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 Integrated CCTV Equipment


 NVR/ DVR Recorders:

SOG-I Carries different type of NVR's . However, The fifth-generation Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR5 FIPS) FIPS series delivers secure, high-performance recording, throughput, data availability, and protection for your Avigilon video security system. SOG-I is a certified vendor for Avigilon.

Thermal Radar continuously scans the designated area; sophisticated analytics assess what the thermal camera identifies and then sends the coordinates to the color PTZ camera which zooms in on the incursion. This gives you 24/7 thermal coverage plus the benefit of forensic data from the color PTZ.  SOG-I is a certified vendor for Hydra Thmeral Camera.



-IR Dome Cameras

-Vandal Proof IR Cameras

-Indoor Cameras

-Outdoor Cameras

-PTZ cameras


-Fixed Cameras

-Wall Mount Camera

-Covert Video

Hydra 512_edited.png

Power Supplies:

Switch mode Power Supplies to include individual Fused Power Supplies

SOG-I is a EATON Certified (SDVSOB) Vendor

Face Recognition

The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity. Using the human face as a key to security, biometric face recognition technology has received significant attention in the past several years due to its potential for a wide variety of applications in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement.


Compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint/palm print and iris, face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person. In addition, face recognition serves the crime deterrent purpose because face images that have been recorded and archived can later help identify a person.


Multi-Biometrics is an authentication technology using different biometric technologies such as fingerprints, facial features, and vein patterns in the identification and verification process. The use of Multi-Biometrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology. Most biometrics market players see a great potential that Multi-Biometrics products will become more prevalent in the coming years.


Keeping ahead of the market trend, SOG-I utilizes high-performance Multi-Biometrics solutions. We are confident that our Multi-Biometrics solutions will surpass the market expectations, taking our customer to a higher level of performance. SOG-I has variety of technical vendors to support the client's budget and needs regarding any Biometrics technologies. 

 Iris Scanners


Iris cameras perform recognition detection of a person’s identity by mathematical analysis of the random patterns that are visible within the iris of an eye.  It combines computer vision, pattern recognition, statistical inference, and optic.

 Intrusion Detection Systems

Interior Intrusion Detections Systems are tailored to each client’s specific needs and remain sensitive in nature, please contact your SOG-I for confidential details.


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter intrusion detection systems can provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of most sites where there is a requirement for reliable electronic detection of hostile activity anywhere along the site boundary. The field of fence intrusion detection systems, providing the capability to monitor up to 1000 meters of perimeter fence using only one analyzer module. Using passive line modules, the perimeter may be segmented into 100 detection sub-zones thereby providing an accuracy of intrusion location of +/- 5 meters - more accurate than is required on most typical sites.


Sub-zone lengths may be any length within the protected perimeter and different fence types can be mixed and matched as each sub-zone is allocated its own set of detection parameters. The protected perimeter comprises a series of sub-zones, each of which is defined in length by the line modules and since these modules are passive, there is no requirement for power to be provided for these modules.


Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) Equipment 


  Anti Ram Cable Fence

SOG-I contracts with quality vendors who supply the only DOS Crash-Rated K12 Cable-Based Anti-Ram Passive Vehicle Barrier (PVB).  The Cable-Based Crash Fence was successfully tested under SD-STD-02.01, Revision A, Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers, Dated March 2003.  The K-12 Cable-Based Fence is listed on the Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Diplomatic Security DS Certified Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers as a Passive Cable-Based System and the Department of Defense (DOD) USACE Protective Design Center DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers as a Passive Cable Barrier


While other vehicle barriers have been tested at their strongest point, the K12 Cable-Based Crash Fence was tested at its weakest, distinguishing it as the market’s strongest and most reliable cable-based anti-ram vehicle barrier. The Crash-Rated K-12 Cable Crash Fence retrofits with any style of fencing system or may be used as a stand-alone anti-ram vehicle barrier system. It may also be utilized for K-Ratings of K4 thru K12, making it the most versatile and adaptable anti-ram Passive Vehicle Barrier (PVB) on the market.  Additionally, it is a cost effective solution for protecting high asset targets from vehicular attack.  For additional information on crash and penetration ratings, Department of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD) and the new ASTM test methods and rating systems, please contact SOG and a knowledgeable representative will be able to assist you.


DOD / ASTM F2656-07 SYSTEM Requirements The K-Rated Anti-Ram Crash Fence can meet K12, K8, and K4 ratings for anti-ram vehicle barriers and meet various penetration ratings.  The penetration ratings are: P1, P2, P3, and P4 as defined by DOD standard SD-STD-02.01, Rev. A

DOD System Requirements:

SOG-I's direct suppliers of the Anti-Ram Crash Fence have been successfully tested meeting DOS SD-STD-02.01, Revision A, Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and Gates dated March 2003.  This test showed that the NSS Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier is the ONLY DOS CERTIFIED K12 RATED cable-based system in the world!  The DOS penetration requirement is 1 meter.  DOS requires that the system be hit at the weakest point.  It has the only fence system in the industry that has successfully tested at the weakest point.

Sliding Crash Gate   

SOG-I's direct supplier provides a Crash-Rated Cable-Based Anti-Ram Crash Gates.  The Crash Gate, an Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) was successfully tested under SD-STD-02.01, Revision A, Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers, Dated March 2003.  The Crash-Rated Cable-Based Crash Gate is listed on the Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Diplomatic Security DS Certified Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers as an Active Gate and the Department of Defense (DOD) USACE Protective Design Center DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers as an Active Gate


The K-12 Sliding or Swing Crash Gate provides vehicular Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) as well as a pedestrian barrier, unlike other Active Vehicle Barriers (AVB) such as wedge barriers, beams, bollards or drop arms.  The Crash-Rated Cable-Based Anti-Ram Sliding or Swing Crash Gates can utilize existing fence fabric or ornamental iron pickets for a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The Sliding and Swing Crash Gate were designed for ease of installation and are the lightest in the industry.  For additional information on crash and penetration ratings, Department of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD) and the new ASTM test methods and rating systems, please contact SOG-I and a knowledgeable representative will be able to assist you.


The K12 Sliding Crash Gate is an active barrier ensured to safeguard strategic access control points, protect high-risk security assets, facilities, and personnel from a terroristic threat.  The system functions as part of an arresting security strategy while operating as a high-volume traffic control device.


The K12 Sliding Crash Gate vehicle barrier is designed to arrest a 15,000 lb. (6804 kg) gross weight vehicle traveling at a nominal speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) impacting the barrier from a perpendicular direction where the cargo bed does not exceed three (3) (1m) beyond the pre-impact inside (asset) edge of the barrier.  The NSS K12 Sliding Crash Gate vehicle barrier has been successfully tested to meet the DOS SD-STD-02.01, Revision A, Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and Gates, dated March 2003.

The K12 Sliding Crash Gate Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier was designed for cost savings and easy installation.  SOG-I can easily match an existing fence application by using the same ornamental pickets or typical chain link, providing an active vehicle barrier to meet the demands of various facilities and their high-volume traffic control needs.


Cable Based Restraint Barrier

SOG-I's direct supplier has a fully tested Cable-Based Restraint Barrier in its Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) Anti-Ram barrier portfolio.  The Cable-Based Restraint Barrier has been tested and certified to DOS, DOD and ASTM requirements.  These testing requirements include arresting a 15,000 lb. (6810kg) vehicle traveling and 50mph (80 kph).  The Cable-Based Restraint Barrier is a final denial barrier with a design feature that includes a more “forgiving” attribute for an unintentional or accidental impact to the barrier by an errant vehicle.


In addition to providing the force protection and the “net-like” arresting capability, the Cable-Based Restraint Barrier permits a span up to 50 feet, the equivalent of four (4) twelve foot (12’) traffic lanes in a single barrier.  This affords the customer with a cost effective K-12 Crash-Rated Anti-Ram vehicle barrier solution that may eliminate the need for multiple barriers trying to cover the same distance.  The Cable-Based Restraint Barrier has quickly become the preferred product of choice where an either a “Net-Based” system is required, or a span exceeding a single traffic lane is being utilized.  The Cable-Based Restraint “soft stop” Barrier, unlike other barrier systems, conceals the crash cables.  This design element eliminates possible exposure and damage to the cables. 


For additional information on crash and penetration ratings, Department of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD) and the new ASTM test methods and rating systems, please contact SOG-I and a knowledgeable representative will be able to assist you

Barrier Products Consistent with SOG-I Standards Cables Fully Concealed and Protected

Other Barrier Product Cables Exposed, Susceptible to Damage:

This unique system design allows installation of 1 barrier per a span up to 50 feet (4 each 12’ lanes). Using other barrier products, 4 barriers are needed to cover a 50 ft span. The restraint barriers installed by SOG-I  are K12 certified, single barriers and are quickly becoming the preferred product when clients require a “Net Based” barrier system.         

The Cable Based Restraint barrier has been utilized primarily for the DOD as final denial barriers.  SOG-I's Subject Matter Experts has successfully installed these barriers on a variety of military facilities in conjunction with our ACCS (Access Control Command System) fulfilling all AVB (Active Vehicle Barrier) and ACPCS (Access Control Point Control System) requirements. 


Wedge Barriers

 - Click Here for NEU Design Wedge Finger Barrier -

Wedge Barriers are indispensable tool in Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) toolbox for vehicular security.  Because there is no “one wedge barrier fits all,” Through SOG-I's direct suppliers, we provide a variety of Wedge Barriers solutions to meet the most stringent standards and security requirements.  From Crash-Rated, hydraulic or electric, low-to-high security levels, broad or narrow traffic lane spans, high or low utilization cycles, standard or emergency-fast-operate speeds, intermediate or final denial, and other site specific design criteria, SOG-I has the right wedge barrier solution for your particular application.  Each Wedge Barrier is designed for functionality, as well as durability and reliability.


Wedge barriers have been a staple in the security industry. As with any industry, when a product is successful it is imitated and the market becomes flooded with “me too” products.  Take a look around the security industry and see that there is no lack for a new “better” wedge barrier.  It is a daunting process to wade through different manufacturers telling you why their Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) system is the best.  In all the noise who do you trust?  Because of SOG-I's purchasing power and industry knowledge, we can provide the cost effective “right” wedge barrier solution for your specific application. 


For additional information on crash and penetration ratings, Department of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD) and the new ASTM test methods and rating systems, please contact SOG-I and a knowledgeable representative will be able to assist you. 

Wedge Barriers/ Bollard Systems

SOG-I has certified business suppliers that have a full line Crash Rated standard and shallow mount bollards meeting the Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) security requirements ranging from K-4 thru K-12.  In addition to offering a variety of security levels, SOG’s anti-ram bollards are available to address various functionality requirements (embedded, surface mounted, retractable, fixed, removable, ADA compliant, integrated lighting, and custom).  SOG-I's anti-ram bollards may be tailored to site-specific Passive Vehicular Barrier (PVB) applications and needs.  SOG-I offers anti-ram bollards that provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance without compromising security and safety.


All of SOG-I's suppliers have anti-ram bollards that are made in the United States and are in conformance with the Buy American Act.  


SOG-I's bollard offerings can come in multiple and different types of fixed bollards: Standard (deep mount), Shallow mount, and manual removable bollards. We offer bollard line products that secure perimeters from levels of K4 through K12 L3/ASTM M50 P1. SOG-I purchases all products and materials from vendors who manufacture in the United States and carry the Made in America seal of approval.

A Word about K4 - K12 Crash Ratings:


The American Department of State (DOS) has a continuing requirement to provide vehicle barriers to U.S. Diplomatic and Consular Missions overseas that have been certified to a specific level of anti-ram protection. Prior to DOS certification, vehicle barriers must be tested by an independent crash test facility that meets DOS standards. “K” indicates vehicle speed during crash test; and “L3” indicates maximum allowed penetration of the barrier by the vehicle. Any combination of the above may be tested. The test specifies perpendicular barrier impact by a 15, 000 lb. (6810kg) vehicle.

Perimeter Site Assessment

SOG-I provides perimeter security assessments.  These assessments may include the identification of assets, determination of asset’s value, risk levels and owner constraints as well as review of project requirements.  Site assessments identify security vulnerabilities due to aggressor threats and tactics. SOG-I provides solutions for each area of weakness or security design requirements. 

 Complete Installation Services

Fire Detection, Alarms, Sprinkler & Suppression System Installation & Testing

SOG-I Fire Protection is a turnkey fire safety solutions provider. As part of our services we provide the installation of new fire protection systems such as fire alarms, fire detection, sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Our staff of designers design fire protection and suppression systems that are specific to your facility, that will detect and respond to fire conditions to ensure the safety of your occupants and reduce the damage to your facility. Providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your facilities, and the people who live, and work in them are safe from the ravages of fire.

We work hand-in-hand with owners, architects, general contractors, and other trades to ensure that your fire protection, and/or suppression systems, are integrated within your facility in a manner that does not interfere with the aesthetics of construction, and other building components. We accomplish this through collaborative project management, and 3D BIM coordinated design.

Once a system is installed, we test it to make sure it will work properly when needed, provide an overview or training to anyone that might need to understand the operations of the system and schedule out your next inspection. We can also install a monitoring system to the fire protection equipment if you desire, so you can have around the clock monitoring services. 

SOG-I is Edwards Fire Systems Certified. 


SOG-I Subject Matter Experts have an excellent track record of delivering quality projects safely, on time, and on budget, making SOG-I a preferred Technical and Physical security solutions contractor in the defense industry and a host of other federal agencies.  In addition to DOD ACP project experience, SOG-I employees and contractors have successfully completed many significant non-DOD ACP projects for other United States governmental agencies at the NSA, DHS, FBI, NASA, LANL and others. SOG-I's DOD and non-DOD ACP expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience will positively contribute to the success of your project.  The SOG-I team offers an unyielding dedication to quality, safety and client satisfaction.

Maintenance & Warranty

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure operational effectiveness of the Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) systems, Access Control, CCTV cameras and Fire Alarm Systems.  SOG-I provides maintenance services to enhance both safety and security.  Our professional and expert support team can customize maintenance or extended warranty programs to meet the project requirements or customer needs. SOG-I staff and contractors have been successful in providing quality service, a quick response time at a reasonable cost. 

SOG-I's warranties are the strongest in the industry.  SOG -I can also customize warranties or extended warranties to meet site-specific project requirement such as the following;


Custom Maintenance Packages                      Technical Support Services

Maintenance Check list                                    Emergency Response

Maintenance Reports                                        Factory Parts/Monthly or Quarterly Reports

Trouble Shooting                                               General Preventative Maintenance



We offer total services of all our work within a 1 or 2/ year warranty. In addition, we offer multiyear service plans (for preventive maintenance). Please feel free to reach out with a specific scope of work and we will quote accordingly.



SOG-I's vendors such as Black Security Products (BSP), Convergint Technologies Integrated Security Systems are a turnkey physical security contractors offering perimeter access control, electronic security systems, intrusion detection and Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP). SOG-I credits BSP & Convergint in having an excellent track record of delivering quality products, services and projects safely, on time, and on budget, making BSP and Convergint a preferred security solutions for SOG-I in the defense industry and for a host of other key industries and government agencies.    


ICD 705 / Technical Security Services (TSS)

Mr. Laurance E. Michaels

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