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SOG-I's instructors bring over fifty years of combined experience from the law enforcement, military and special operations community. All of our instructors are mission based operators and are quite the professionals in their fields. Our instructors currently serve with major California, Texas, New York police & Sheriffs Departments, United States Navy Force Protection Units, United States Army Special Forces, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy Seal & Explosive Disposal Teams.


These instructors bring a diverse operational training background within their respective fields including: F.B.I. Firearms Police Instructor, N.R.A. Instructor, United States Naval Instructor, U.S.M.C. Primary Marksmanship Instructor division schools, AMC Phoenix Raven, Special Warfare Tactics, Small Unit Tactics, Protective Driver Operator, Protective Services Operator, Scout Sniper, Urban Warfare, Special Operations Combat Medic, Naval Special Warfare Seal Tactical Training, FATS Instructor, Special Weapons & Tactics, Force Instructor, Sky Marshal, Monadnock Instructor Trainer, DefTec Instructor, and many other professional training experiences.


SOG-I's instructors are life long students and continue to hone their skills by attending some of the finest training schools such as; HSS International, Black Water Lodge, Gunsite, Frontsight, SureFire Institute, Tactical Firearms Training Team, Thunder Ranch, Top Gun and others.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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