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Polygraph Examination  Services 



SOG-Provides an Accredited Polygraph/Lie Detector Testing for employment, theft, and relationship and family issues. Polygraph testing, also known as a lie detector test or exam, is a highly effective investigative tool traditionally utilized by law enforcement and government. However, it is now available to all individuals and private companies. 


Polygraph testing is proven to have an accuracy rate of over 98% and is used regularly by clients of all types to ensure truth finding. 


SOG-I through its sister company, Special Opeations Group (SOG), has been conducting Polygraph Services' since 1994. Our main goal is to provide our clients with accurate information. All polygraph examinations are conducted in a professional and personal manner. Accredited Polygraph Services specializes in helping individuals and businesses find the answers to the question that ultimately impact their functionality.


Avoid Potential Liability Risk


Government and private business employees are routinely exposed to sensitive and/or private information when conducting their duties with the general public. It makes sense for employers to screen potential and existing employees to rule out the possibility of fraudulent or deviant activities.

To be certain, their background must be verified. A polygraph used by a certified expert examiner can be invaluable. More than five decades of experience have shown that results are in excess of 98% accurate.


Getting Permission


Asking people permission need not be seen as intimidating or invasive of their privacy. Today we have accepted X-ray machines and metal detector screenings at airports, government buildings, and some private facilities as necessary and beneficial to all. With national borders becoming more permeable, terrorist and criminal activities on the rise, one should not be disturbed by being asked to submit to this simple procedure, albeit the polygraph being conducted is done so with legitimate cause and without discrimination.





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For more information on Polygraph Services please contact Mr. Frank Medrano;


Mr. Frank Medrano

Director of Forensic Polygraph Examinations for SOG-I 


Skype: Frank_SOG

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