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 Cyber Security


Government and commercial organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on critical computer systems and technology-centric infrastructures that support business activities and capabilities.  As such, these environments are becoming more susceptible to malicious attacks from both internal and external threats.  SOG-I is the missing link:  we provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability to our customers by applying Cyber Security expertise directed by legal policy, guidance, and regulation.


SOG-I offers the following services

  • Compliance with Federal standards to include:  DIACAP, NIST, CNSS, and FISMA

  • Virtualization

  • Cyber Security

  • Database Administration and Data Storage Management

  • Messaging and Collaboration

  • Integration and Network Support

  • Performance Measures and Metrics Planning

  • Application security including web and mobile application security Continuous Monitoring Strategies

  • System Security Engineering

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Vulnerability Management

  • Security Architecture

  • Risk Management

  • Incident Response

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Host Based Security Services (HBSS)

  • Document and Hard Drive Destruction Services at the bottom of the bullet descriptions

Video Telecommunication

SOG-I provides AMX Programming and Video Telecommunication, Communications Support and Repair Services; performing engineering, installation and repair services as required.  We provide solutions that address your specific needs to expand your video, voice and content solutions capabilities to increase the efficiency and productivity of our client operations. By developing, initiating and implementing innovative methodologies; as well as delivering quality products and ensuring both integrity and security, we provide customers with the highest level of service.


​​ Special qualifications include:


  •        AMX ACE Control System Expert

  •        AMX ACE Media Management Expert

  •        AMX ACE RMS Enterprise Expert

  •        AMX Enova Solutions Certified

  •        Biamp-Audia Certificate of Achievement

  •        Polycom MGC 50/100 Maintainer Certified

  •        Polycom HDX Certification

  •        Freeport Multi-Domain Network Switch Certified

  •        NSCA Advanced Sound Design Certified

  •        Certified Technology Specialist Design

  •        PMP Project Management Certified

  •        Certfied Technology Specialist-General

  •        Certified Technology Speciales-Installation

  •        Proven Past Performance with Secure Video Conferencing and Command Control Systems

Secured On-Site Shredding 

SOG-I Cyber Division, is a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID AAA), certified , along with our 1st Tier Teaming Partner Ranger Shedding Services believes in protecting patient confidential data with our best-in-class secure paper shredding and hard drive destruction services. On-site Document Shredding Services plays a "key role" in preventing identity theft. Each year, nine million Americans have their identity stolen, most a result of mismanaging personal documents.

NAID notag BLK Vert.jpg
NAID AAA Certified logo black HiRes.jpg

SOG-I is National Association for Information Destruction (NAID AAA) certified.  The NAID AAA certification represents the highest standards accepted by the information destruction industry. SOG-I l believes in protecting confidential data with our best-in-class Secure Document and Hard Drive Destruction Services. Our On-site Secure Document Hard Drive Services plays a "key role" in preventing identity theft. Each year, nine million Americans have their identity stolen, most a result of mismanaging personal documents.  When the process is not completely secure organizations run the risk of their sensitive materials getting in the wrong hands exposing themselves to negative consequences including sanctions, fines, fraud, disclosure of trade secrets and bad publicity. NAID Certified companies undergo announced and unannounced audits. These audits scrutinize their hiring practices, procedures for destruction, equipment, and facilities.  NAID AAA Certification is the only real security assurance in the document destruction industry.

The following are some of the security specifications that NAID auditors verify:

  • Anyone with a known history of related-crimes are not employed by the data destruction company

  • Security and operations policies and procedures are written and followed

  • Destruction equipment is functioning properly and safely

  • Access to sensitive and confidential materials is restricted at all times

  • Containers and vehicles protect information from unauthorized access at all times during transport and processing

  • That there is an audit trail, including CCTV image capture and retention, and a thorough, documented chain of custody

Ranger Shredding a Division of RCI


SOG-I's teaming Partner, Ranger Shredding is a division of Records Consultants Inc.(RCI) Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, RCI is a recognized leader in a variety of document management fields and provides a wide range of products and services to educational, municipal and other governmental, institutional and private sector clients. Our Teaming services include:

  • Records Retention and Document Management Solutions

  • Fixed Asset Inventory Management Services and Software

  • Secure, On-site Document Destruction

  • Property Appraisals

  • Infrastructure Valuations

  • Historical Cost Research

Over Shadow 


SOG-I's Cyber Division​ has a specialized field call "Over Shadow", that conducts backgrounds that include the following; 

  • Business/Corporate Backgrounds. Purposes range from prospective business/ partnership deals, unfair competition, employee theft, and others.

  • Individual Backgrounds. Purposes include domestic affairs, pre-marital checks, roommate screenings, family matters, prospective child care employees, harassment cases, and others.


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