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"One Team, One Fight"

Mission Statement

Many organizations are driven by the “My Way” method of contracting. SOG-I's values of integrity, accountability, and teamwork not only guide our performance, but equally important, our client-oriented relationship.


         "One Team, One Fight" 

This motto, borrowed as it may be, guides our decision making process by asking a simple question to our client:

Is this action the best for the team?


This objective is tied to our Mission Statement. Our goal is simple, with every action SOG-I strives to be the Go To, Get It Done Provider" of choice for our domestic and international clients. SOG-I's visions are long term in that we provide a lean, value added firm that our clients can rely on for years to come. 

Our Team 

Meet our team. Security Operations Group International, LLC is a small effective team comprised of subject matter experts in government

services such as; Cyber Security, Risk-Threat Assessments, Physical Security that includes ICD705 technical construction and security consulting services. We possess advanced knowledge  and experience relating to the latest industrial trends in engineering,

technology and global operations. 

“Our Team”

we stand by our word to provide our customers quality service in a professional manner.    

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